A new month means a new and improved me, It also means no more summer, so goodbye heat and hello fresh fall weather. It’s time to set out to accomplish meaningful and productive goals, ones that’ll make me happier and make my life that much better.

My summer was quite fun; I saw many of my wonderful friends, went to a few parties and might have gotten a bit tipsy, went camping with my besties, and I’d have to say bonfires would be at the top of my list. Mostly every weekend we’d have one in either the forest or my friends back yard, but it’s time to put those memories behind me and produce new ones.

Having goals makes you that much more driven to do the best you can possibly do, and it will definitely excite you. This past week has been pretty horrible, my little dog died and one of my best friends moved to Australia, so I’ve kinda been down in the dumps, however getting out of my little funk and setting my mind on positive goals has lifted my spirits.

So here are my goals for this month of September. 🙂

Exercise at least 4 times a week.


Blasting my stereo and doing pilates definitely makes me happy (well maybe after my workout is completed). Knowing that I’m trying my hardest to get my body into something that I can be proud of and want to show off keeps me motivated.

Eat clean and healthy.


Deleting junk food from my diet and substituting it with healthy alternatives is a goal that is most definitely a hard one to accomplish, but has the best results. Eating a piece of pizza or a slice of cake might make you happy in that moment of time, but guilt will soon follow. So if you stick with the goal and eat healthy there will be no regrets, just smiles. Remember~ a moment on your lips… forever on your hips.

Work, work and more work.


Going to work and being productive gets my mind off things, it helps build my confidence, and of course roles in the money. I just got a job at Ardene, a retail store, and am really enjoying it so far. So thumbs up for working.



Writing my posts and getting feedback from you guys definitely boosts my mood. So I’m going to try to post at least 5 times a week, I’ll try everyday but sometimes life gets in the way.



Spending money probably shouldn’t be one of my goals, but buying new clothes is one thing that excites me to no end. I really need new fall clothes, shoes, and basically everything anyway, so I’m going to go on a splurge and buy many things (in reason… hopefully).

Apply to University. 


I really want to attend University of Toronto in January for English, and the applying period is in September, so that is one thing I’m really thrilled about. Actually having a goal for my life is probably one of the most fulfilling feelings.



Just smile as much as I possibly can. 😀

What are your goals for September?


6 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I am glad I found this post.

    I have also made a goal for the next thirty days. I’m starting there because I seem to make a large time frame and never complete the goals. So i’m giving myself thirty days to start fresh. To get myself back to the happy Brittny.

    1. Working out and losing 10 pounds this month.
    2. No more whiny, poor me posts.
    3. No more men.
    4. Apply for school & get going for October semester.

    Thought I would share. ❤

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