Hey beauties. 

If you’re looking to permanently mark your body, but the nerves are getting to you, then luckily I have endless inspiration of appealing tattoos that will leave you feeling less anxious about expressing something on your skin.

Some people feel that marking your skin in seen as a sin, but tattoos can have significant meaning to your life. There are plenty of reasons to do it: the birth of your children, to commemorate lost loved ones, honour your heritage. But it’s still perfectly okay to get a tattoo with no meaning, maybe you just liked the design and want to show it off.

Whether you’re looking for a mark with meaning or a fun design, keep reading to check out these tattoo ideas.


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The first pic is of my tattoo, I got it two years ago when I turned 18. There is no real meaning behind it, I just loved the look of it. But if you’re looking for a meaning, and if you want dove tattoos, then they can symbolize purity, peace, love, goodwill and faith. They often fly away to also mean a fresh start in life. 


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This tattoo actually has quite a significant meaning. Us females wear them in our hair and clothes as a sign of femininity. It’s logical to think it would have the same meaning as a tattoo. Yes, it does symbolize femininity, but also remembrance, strength, love, beauty, and union.


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Native Americans believe the feather tattoo offers protection against evil spirits. It can also be a symbol of intelligence and mystery, like magic and the world of sorcery. But some people get it cause they like to design, and well, it has a pretty attractive look to it.


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Whether it be a quote from your favourite song, or a word is another language, this tattoo can have such a personal meaning.

Dream catchers. 


This tattoo is also popular is Native American cultures. A dream catcher is usually hung in a bedroom, above a bed, or sometimes above a door. The idea is that happy, optimistic dreams will pass through the night, while the negative dreams will become trapped. The tattoo has roughly the same meaning, protection against harmful dreams.


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Roses are a beautiful flower, but what do they symbolize? Well when the rose is without thorns it can be a symbol of being in love, but with thorns is a reminder that love does not come without sacrifices. But that’s get one meaning. Sailors symbolize the tattoo as an honorary purpose, like to represent their wife or girlfriend. The colour you choose can have different meanings as well. So before you get a rose inked, do some research to figure out the meaning. 🙂

Yorkshire Rose. 

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Similar to the rose tattoo, but the Yorkshire rose symbolizes heritage and ancestry. The White Rose of York (also known as the Yorkshire rose), is the symbol of the House of York and has yet been adopted as a symbol of Yorkshire, England. I’m from Yorkshire, so I want to get this tattoo eventually.

Solar system. 

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The solar system and galaxies beyond holds deep meanings for people, hence why so many people get cosmic tattoos. Personally I’ve always loved the idea of space, and to get the planets tattooed is a really neat and creative idea. Each planet holds significant meaning as well. Lets take Mercury for example, earth it its element, and its nature is cold and dry. The planet rules Virgo and Gemini. Also mercury is in analogy with the arms, the hands and the nervous system. Check it out here to find all the planets meanings.

Dog paw print. 

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The paw print tattoo holds a personal meaning if it memorializes a pet. Whether you had a dog, a cat, a rabbit or any other pet, it is possible to get a paw print of that animal tattooed in remembrance of your pet. My dog died about three weeks ago, and I really want to get her paw print tattooed on my wrist as soon as I can. But I want to add a paisley design in the print, just cause I really like the look of it.

Semicolon tattoo. 

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This tattoo has gained great popularity in the recent years, but holds a serious meaning behind it. The mark represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention. But why a semicolon? A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.

Travel tattoo. 

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If you really like traveling, then getting either a plane or the planet (or both) tattooed on your skin is a really good idea. Instead of buying magnets as a souvenir, maybe opt for a tattoo instead next time.

I hope this post helped you tattoo addicts with inspiration on what to get inked next, or you newbies on what tattoo should be your first. I know I really want to run to the nearest tattoo parlour right now. Have fun getting inked. 🙂

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