Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

The one way that I love getting fit is through Pilates, it’s my go-to exercise for a clear mind and a healthy body. When you’ve had a hard day at work and the gym seems like a chore, there’s one activity that’ll make you feel relaxed, elated and seriously fit. Plus, Pilates isn’t just a celebrity fad, it actually works, and here’s why.

Say goodbye to stress.


Much like yoga, Pilates uses breathing techniques that helps through the tough moves. This definitely is a de-stress buster that gets your endorphins moving. It’s also very time efficient, you can complete a total body workout in just under an hour. Whether it’s in the morning or after work, Pilates provides a fun and stress free escape.

Strengthen your core.


More than anything else, Pilates in known for strengthening the core, and man, does it live up to its reputation! During every exercise, you focus on keeping your core engaged, while working your back, legs, arms and thighs. If done right, practiced at least three times a week, and with a healthy diet, you will see improvement in your whole body. That six-pack and a flat belly will show up within no time.

Relieve lower back pain.


Lower back pain is associated with bad posture, so how do you fix it? Basically by improving your dynamic stability – the ability of the body to hold itself in better alignment for longer, maintaining upright posture, stability and responsiveness – which is Pilates.

Also the creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, believed that by having awareness of breath and of alignment of the spine, we can strengthen the deep torso and abdominal muscles. So essentially a life free from back pain. Hurrah.

Fuss free.


This form of exercise can be done in the comfort of your own home, for free, and with no equipment. All you basically need is a computer and something to practice on; like a carpet or a yoga mat. I love how something so easy to achieve can have the ultimate results.



Cassey Ho is a Pilates instructor, has a YouTube account called Blogilates, as well as a website, and a book. Her videos are seriously the best ones out there, but will definitely have you screaming at the screen because of the torture. You’ll be dying from these moves and she’s just talking about her nail polish (I’m not joking). Yet I absolutely love what she does. She has a calendar each month of exercise videos to complete everyday, go to her website for the October calendar here.

Seriously try it out and let me know what you think. It’ll be hard, these moves are definitely really hard to perfect, but when you do you’ll be so proud of yourself. 🙂

Have fun trying out Pilates~ remember as well as exercising always eat healthy and clean to get that body you’ve been dreaming about. Even though working out helps with getting slim, eating well is what gives you that six-pack. 

If you remember that, keep up the motivation and have a great time then improvement will just be around the corner.

Till next time…


Abs of Steel

Abs of Steel

Having a flat stomach with a six-pack is everyone’s dream, to be able to wear those crop tops and low-rise jeans without worrying of those judgemental eyes on you wherever you turn is the fantasy.

Even though I do workout regularly and try to eat as healthy as possible, I still feel like I can improve my abs a great deal. To have those moves that gets you there is very important. So if you guys need new ab exercises, or if this is your first time exercising, then keep reading because these moves are at the top of the fitness list.

The Hundred


A machine free Pilates move that engages all of your abdominal muscles. To do it lie down on a mat with your legs straight in the air and your palms facing down. Raise your head and shoulders off the mat. Start pumping your hands up and down, inhale for 5 pumps then exhale for 5 pumps. Keep doing this until you’ve competed 100 pumps.

Make sure to keep your lower back pressed into the mat at all times, and keep your lower abs pulled into your spine. Your abs should aways be engaged through the workout.

Side Plank Hold


This exercise is always the death of me, not only are your abs engaged but your leg and arm muscles, as well as your balance. To do this exercise begin in a plank position, make sure to keep a straight line from your head to your heels. Keeping your abs engaged and your body steady, slowly transition from plank to a right side plank. Life your arm off the ground over your head, and place weight on the other palm.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds and do the same for the other side. Near the end of the exercise you’re going to be shaking, but it’ll definitely be worth it for the end results.

Bicycle Crunch


This move is always on my list of ab exercises. To start lie flat on a mat with your knees bent and your feet firmly placed on the floor with your arms behind your head. Don’t forget to engage your ab muscles. Life both feet off the floor until your thighs are vertical with the floor, and your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

Bring one knee towards the opposite elbow and straighten out the other leg, rotate your torso then swap sides. Remember to keep your lower back pressed into the mat.

Plank Up and Down


This move is probably one of the worst, even more so when you do Blogilates up and down jack move (but that’s for next time). Start off with a plank position with your elbows placed on the floor. Keeping your hips as still as possible, push up with one hand then the other until your palms are on the ground.

Lower back down to your elbows each arm at a time. Change the leading arm after every repetition. Keep your body straight and steady throughout the whole exercise.

Double Leg Lifts


Lie flat on the mat, and raise your legs until they’re straight and perpendicular to the floor. Place your hands in triangle form under your butt, or behind your head. Keeping your legs straight and without changing the arch in your lower back, lower both your legs slowly towards the floor.

When they almost touch the ground, swing your legs back up in a controlled motion. Repeat this exercise for as long as you can.



Everyone should know this move, it’s one of the most well-known ab exercise. Lie flat on a mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip width apart. Place your hands on either side of your head. Remember to keep your lower back on the mat and to always have your abs engaged.

Tilt your chin and begin to roll your shoulders off the floor. They should leave the floor by about 4 inches. Hold for a moment and steadily return back down.

Reverse Crunch


Exactly what the title says it is, a reverse of the original crunch. Lie on your back and keep your arms at your side flat on the mat. Raise your knees so they create a 90-degree angle. Contract your abdominals and lift your hips off the floor with control; so your knees bend towards your head. Return your legs to the original position and repeat again.



This move sounds like such a care-free fun exercise; well it is, but it’s also hard. This move is not only great for your abs, but also has beneficial factors in cardio, strength training, and for your legs and glutes.

Start in a plank position, your body should be in a straight position from head to heels. Jump both legs forwards so that the knees are in line with the outside of the elbow and look straight. Jump the legs back to plank position. Do this move for 20 reps and near the end you’re muscles will be screaming at you (trust me ). But it’s an excellent move all the same.

Runaway Abs – Blogilates


This is one of Blogilates moves, so trust me it’ll be hard but worth the effort. To do it lay down on the mat and lift your legs in the air, remember to always have your abs engaged and your lower back placed on the ground.

Arms on the back of the head and lift your head, lower your legs down a bit and start kicking them like flutter kicks. Blogilates says to do this move for about 50 reps, so get ready to sweat buckets.

Do you feel stronger already? After completing these moves you absolutely should. Just remember to keep exercising no matter how tired you feel, how sweaty you are, or how much your body is screaming at you to stop. Have motivation and you will reach that desired goal.

Always stay positive guys. 🙂


Getting and Staying in Shape

Getting and Staying in Shape

Hey all.

I know getting fit for some people is seen as impossible, and even though it’s hard, it is also a very manageable thing to do.

How many times have you started exercising and eating the right food thinking this time I’ll get it right, this time I’ll keep on track. But the next week you’re back doing the same old unhealthy routine you were so accustomed to.

There is one reason that people fall off the wagon, that they let go and give up; they are unmotivated. Motivation can make individuals do anything they set their minds on, but finding that inspiration can be the tricky part.

You can use any reason you see fit to stay hale and hearty; cardiovascular benefits, to boost self-confidence, reduce stress, weight control, increase amounts of energy, to accumulate your muscle tone or any other reasons can be the thing that sets you on your goal to success.

Who says this process has to be boring and hard, you can spice it up and have tremendous amounts of fun. Here are a few things to help you stay on course.

Mix up exercises… enjoy. 

The amount of times I’ve dreaded every minute of the approaching treadmill workout, and hate it even more when I’m actually there. I say it’s time to find different ways to stay fit. 

Instead of the treadmill, maybe go for a run outside and just watch the nature around you pass by. Yoga, Pilates, dance routines or aerobic classes is also another enjoyable exercise that can be done in the comfort of your own home, just look up videos on YouTube, I promise there are plenty. 

Even if these things are just not your preference, going for a walk is also very beneficial. Or any type of sports; just start looking forward to your workout, not dreading it.

Find your favourite tunes. 

For me listening to music that boosts my energy and gets me moving is something I cannot live without when working out. Finding the right tunes makes you push yourself that much harder, and possibly not even wanting to stop your work out. 

Don’t diet.

There are numerous amounts of diets out there that just aren’t healthy, either you have to cut out all carbs, salt or sugar all together. Or even drink some weird smoothie for a long period of time. These things might work for a short period of time, but in the long run the weight you lost is just going to come back in larger amounts.

Listening to your body and knowing what food works well with it, and the ones that don’t is the key to staying fit.

Maybe eat a chicken salad instead of pizza, or fruit instead of a slice of cake. These are still delicious options and healthy ones.

Cheat your foods. 

You don’t have to eat only healthy food all the time, once in a while having some chocolate or even a beer is totally fine. Most of us definitely need to cheat in order to keep our sanity.

Doing this prevents you from binge eating, which is probably the worst thing that can be done. But don’t cheat all the time or you’ll end up losing all that hard work you put in during your workouts.

Remember when you start this journey eating healthy is the most important part, what I’ve heard 30% of your progress comes from the gym, and 70% from healthy eating. So be smart, but also have fun and believe in yourself.

Till next time…

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Shape Up Challenge~ Blogilates August Calendar

Shape Up Challenge~ Blogilates August Calendar

Hey all. 

Seeing as though a new month has commenced, a new fitness challenge is undoubtedly in order. So get out those yoga mats, workout gear, and running shoes because they’re going to end up your best friend.

This challenge is high on the hard scale, you’ll be sweating buckets and your muscles will without a doubt be screaming at you to stop, but don’t give in; no matter what. Hard work and motivation is the only way to reach your fitness goals. 

So I challenge you all to everyday complete the exercises on the Blogilates August Calendar. Her videos are really demanding but they’ll get you into the best shape of your life. Each day of the week focuses on a different set of muscles; Sunday prioritizes abs and obliques, Monday centres on the total body, Tuesday is butt and thighs, Wednesday scores in on abs, Thursday is the upper body, on Friday you rest, and Saturday focuses on thighs and legs.

With this challenge you’ll be working all the areas of the body, and will be executing new exercises each day so it won’t get boring. 

Here is the link for her website, just click on the calendar in the left column.


As well as these exercises, try these suggestions to reach ultimate results:

  1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.
  2. Eat smaller portions.
  3. Avoid soda.
  4. Cut out alcohol.
  5. Get more sleep.
  6. Eat more fruit/vegetables.

Keep up the motivation and whatever you do don’t give up. It might take time but you will see improvement eventually. 🙂

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Top-Notch Exercise Videos

Top-Notch Exercise Videos

Hey guys. 

Today I thought I’d share the exercise videos that I absolutely love to do, the ones that’ll get the heart-moving and help shed off those pounds in no time. If you do them right and with proper form then you will see results fast; I promise.

My exercise goal is around 4-5 times a week, lately I’ve fallen a bit off the wagon but I’m trying to stay committed again; to keep myself motivated. Once you get into the fitness routine then you’ll be feeling so happy and energetic that exercising will begin to be a fun part of the day.

As well as working out regularly, try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Stay away from the bad foods, but all in moderation is the proper way to go. If you Indulge in that favourite treat now and then it won’t turn your goals disastrous, everyone needs to cheat or we’ll all go insane.

Now how can you find the best workouts without spending a penny? The answer is easy – YouTube. You can find the best routines out there by just a click of a button. The two channels that I use are Blogilates and BeFIT. Both channels offer the ultimate videos that can help you shed that weight right off.

Cassey Ho is a rising YouTube star of Blogilates, she has numerous amounts of awesome and difficult videos on her channel that will make you push yourself. She also owns a website where you can buy her merchandise, as well as receive monthly workout calendars so you know exactly what videos to complete per day. Staying committed to her calendars will be a strenuous task, but certainly a rewarding one.

Healthy and delicious recipes can also be found on her channel, called Cheap Clean Eats. From savoury to sweet, any of these meals will be worth the try. I have cooked her flourless pizza recipe before, instead of using a bread-base she uses a cauliflower one, and trust me this turns out so scrumptious.

The BeFIT channel has many different exercise videos with plenty of fitness instructors; and they’ll all get you sweating like there’s no tomorrow. But Jillian Michaels by far has the best fitness videos. With her Yoga meltdown, 6 Week Six-Pack Abs workout, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout, and many more insanely gratifying yet struggling workouts, It can be a struggle to keep up with her at first, but keep going and don’t stop, no matter how tired you are, and the results will be astonishing.

These two fitness instructors are, in my opinion, the best in their field. They also have sets of DVD’s that you can buy, but the videos on YouTube will be enough to get you in shape.

Here are the links for both of the channels so you guys can check it out.

Blogilates~ https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates

BeFIT~ https://www.youtube.com/user/BeFit

Have fun, do not give up, keep up the motivation, and results will be just around the corner. 

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Shape Up Challenge~ Morning Routine

Shape Up Challenge~ Morning Routine

Hey all. 

I know that many people need to boost their confidence to workout, thinking the gym as a scary place. But who says you need a gym to get fit? Working out in the comfort of your own home will give you the same results, but you need to know what you’re doing.

So I’m going to be posting a workout challenge occasionally on my blog to get you guys and myself motivated. Keep up these workouts until I post a new challenge on Miss Megs Twenties. Each workout is going to be focusing on either a particular part of the body, or a particular type of exercise. Do it by yourself, or with friends if you wish. Just have fun and keep up the motivation.

This challenge focuses on a morning workout, so after getting out of bed do these exercises. The morning is the best time to workout, you’ll be feeling happy and energized for the rest of the day. If you don’t know how to do a particular move, then just look it up on google. 

As well as these workouts, I also challenge you to do these things:

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

2. Eat smaller portions.

3. Avoid soda.

4. Cut out alcohol.

5. Get more sleep.

6. Eat more fruit/vegetables.

If you keep up this regimen you’ll be seeing results within a month. Just remember to have fun and keep active.

Here is the challenge.

Good luck. 🙂

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