How to Get that Perfect Night Look

How to Get that Perfect Night Look

Finding the right look in terms of makeup, hair, clothes, shoes and accessories can be a difficult and daunting experience to endure. You probably spend most of the time standing in front of your closet trying on endless amounts of outfits, but everything you try on gets thrown in the no pile… well, am I right? I’ve definitely done this too many times to count. Lets not even get started matching it with the shoes and accessories.

Yes trying to find that outstandingly perfect look for yourself can be difficult, so in order to help you achieve that goal I’m going to tell you guys the steps I take to get ready. Also what my perfect night-out look is. 


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Before I do anything I always like to get my makeup done and out the way. I prefer to go for a more natural look. A brown smokey colour for my eye shadow, maybe add-on some black liquid eye-liner, mascara of course. And for my lips a nude lipstick. To know the exact products I use check out my other post – Ultimate Makeup Guide here.


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I usually like to do something simple and pretty to my hair, either curling, straightening, or waving it. Sometimes I might add a braid in my bangs, a headband, or I might change the parting, but usually less is more.


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Depending on where I go out my outfit is going to change according to the environment. If it’s a bar or a house party I would usually put on a nice pair of high-waisted jeans and a pretty top, one of my favourite casual dresses, or a little skirt and a crop top. If a club is the choice of the night a little tight dress, or a high-waisted skirt with a crop top is the go to outfit.


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I’m in love with jewellery so I always have some form of bling on at all times. Big earrings, long necklaces, and a bunch of bracelets are my fav. I don’t usually wear rings but they’re also insanely fashionable. Basically any boho jewellery is my top pick for a night out.  (BTW owl earrings are my absolute fav).


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If it’s a casual night a pair of my boots works perfectly, or a pair of flats. Or if the night calls for a more fancy look then a pair of pumps or my booty heels.


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Depending on the weather a coat is optional. For the fall I’d wear either my leather jacket or just a long sweater. For the winter my Aritzia Babaton Pearce Wool Coat is definitely the pick.


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My two options for a purse is either my leather back-pack, or one of my little leather bags that goes over my shoulder.

I hope this will help you guys plan that perfect look for the up-coming weekend. 🙂


Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Summer

That heat wave eh! That humid muggy atmosphere compared with all that hair is not a superb mix. On those days even thinking of using that flat-iron is a no go, you just want to tie that dead weight off your shoulders and away, hell I’ve even threatened to cut my hair off once or twice.

Instead of sloppily throwing your hair into a ponytail when the weather gets steamy, why not be creative and try something different and appealing to the eyes. So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you; hairstyles for those long summer days.

Messy Bun. 

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This bun is so easy and care-free, and it only takes a minute to complete. Just secure all the hair in a ponytail, it can sit wherever on your head; I do mine at the top but that’s just my preference. Grip the ponytail with one hand, make sure you have the elastic in the other. Pull the hair halfway through the elastic to create a loop, twist the hair and wrap the elastic around the loop again until all the excess hair is in the bun. Adjust it as you wish.


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Any type of braid that will get your hair off your face is going to work like a charm. French braids, dutch braids, fishtail braids, or any other type. Maybe even try a crown braid or a side braid. But don’t be alarmed when you start turning heads. 😉

Top Knot Bun. 

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This look is so easy to steal and it’s the perfect style to complement a casual outfit. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, twist your hair gently till it coils around itself. Wrap it around the hair tie loosely to get a fuller shape, then secure it with a few bobby pins.

Twisted Ponytail.

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Try a new twist on the ponytail, this style is simple and will work on any hair length as long as it ties in a ponytail. To get this look clip away two sections of the hair on either side of the face, then pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Separate the sections into 3 equal parts, starting with the section nearest to the pony, twist it and wrap it around, then secure it with a bobby pin. Do this to each section until your complete. Either leave it neat and elegant, or pull apart the hair to get that messy look.

Half-up Bun. 

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A half bun is all the rage this summer, and a perfect look for the beach. Curl your hair then run your fingers through it to get those sexy beach waves, then tie half your hair up and tie it with an elastic. Twist the hair and wrap it around the tie, then secure it with a bobby pin. This look is going to end up being your fav.


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Add a headband to get those bangs up and away. Tie the rest of your hair either into a bun or a ponytail, or leave all your hair down if you wish. 

I hope this list of hairstyles help you guys battle the heat.


Braided Hairstyles to Attempt Today

Braided Hairstyles to Attempt Today

If there’s one hairstyle that catches my eye it’s braids. I’m guilty of trying basically any type of braided hairstyle out there, from your average french braid to fishtail. They’re so simple when you get the hang of them, and can be worn as an everyday look or even on your wedding day.

To give you guys some braided inspiration I’m going to show a few different looks that’ll make you want to give them a try right after reading, but when you get the hang of doing them you won’t be able to stop this addiction (trust me)!

I usually like to curl my hair when braiding, or to just leave it natural because my hair is quite wavy, but you can definitely wear these looks with straight hair. Any look you want to attempt go ahead and do. 

So to commence this all out braid post here are some looks to add to your hairstyle bucket list.

Bohemian Side Braid


I am absolutely full-out loving the boho look this summer. It’s such a careless, flawless and beautiful look, one that is definitely my fashion go to. Here this braid starts off as a french braid, then as soon as it reaches around your ears it turns into a fishtail braid. Pull apart the hair when your done to add that messy boho style, or you can leave it neat if you wish. This look is all up to you.

Crown Braid


This look works better with long hair, so I have to grow my hair to try this look. I just think that it’s such an elegant and pretty braid that can be worn on any occasion. Just start at one ear and just start braiding to the other ear. Look up videos on YouTube to know exactly what to do. I’ve never done this braid myself, but when my hair grows I will definitely take it upon myself to try.

Side Braid 

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This braided hairstyle can be accomplished using either a dutch braid or a french braid, both are as gorgeous as the other. Start off at the top of your head on whatever side works better for you, then just do a normal dutch or french braid but remember to move the braid going down towards the other ear. You can keep braiding when you reach the other side, or just simply tie it into a pony tail or a bun.

Braided Bangs 


This is probably one of the most simplest braided hairstyle to complete, just start at wherever you want the braid to start, usually at your part, and french or dutch braid until you reach your eyebrow, or you can braid further to your ear. Pull apart the braid to give it a messy look or just leave it neat, whatever your preference is.

Fishtail Braid 


This braid looks very complicated, but trust me it’s actually really easy. Part the hair in two even sections, use your fingers to separate a small section of your hair from the outer edge near the top and cross it over to the opposite side (overlapping just like a normal braid), grip the hair tightly and repeat with a small section from the other side. When you become more advanced you can try the french style fishtail braid, as seen it the pic.

Go to a mirror and try these looks today, and people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. 😉

Till next time…

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