Tackle Blank Walls

Tackle Blank Walls

Do your walls scream dull and boring? Do you want to tackle them into something more creative and stylish? Well no one likes walking into a house and seeing no creativeness outlined anywhere, sophisticated and decorative homes can be achieved much more easily then you think.

So look no further than this post, because after your finished reading these perfect, fun and effortless ideas to spice up those walls, you’re going to be sprinting to the store. Also the next time you host a party, everyone will definitely be lining up to be on the next guest list.

Chalk board paint 

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Go to the hardware store and buy some chalkboard paint, do a little section of the wall, or paint the whole thing. A whole wall in my room is a chalkboard, and I absolutely adore it. It’s a great way to leave messages, shopping lists, meal plans, or to just draw random stuff. The union jack has been on my wall for about a year now and I’m loving it. 

Family photo collage 

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Frame your family photos and place them on your walls in a fun stylish way. This is a cheap and easy way to style up those boring walls, and to make your home more warm and welcoming.

Photo heart collage

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This idea is definitely my favourite. Either use your fav photos and sticky tack if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to decorate those walls. This way is suitable for college students living in dorm rooms, it’s inexpensive and whenever you look at your walls you’ll be reminded of home. Or if you’re looking for a more grownup elegant look, turn your photos to black and white, and buy frames to place them in. You might be standing in front of your wall for a while, but when it’s complete you’ll absolutely love it.

Your favourite quotes

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Wall decor quotes can be found at any home stores either as stick-ons or frames and canvases. Find your most loveable one and place it on your walls, so whenever you look at it a smile will light up on your face.


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Be as adventurous as you wish with mirrors, find that one wonky but creative one, or buy a bunch of them and organize them on your wall in a pretty way. Think out of the box and have fun styling those walls.

Wall paper

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Do you want to fill a whole wall or even a room? Well wall paper is going to be your best friend. There are so many different patterns, colours and styles out there to choose from. Be as adventurous with this as you want.

Map of the world

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Got an old map lying around collecting dust in the basement? Well go dig it out right now. Framing old antique maps has a creative aspect about it, and hey, maybe you’ll get to touch up on your geography while you’re at it.

 Your pots

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This idea might be totally out of the closet, but it’s definitely a smart place to hang your pots, and a very stylish idea indeed for your kitchen.

Vintage clocks

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Buy as many rustic and vintage clocks as you want and place them anywhere on your walls, you can never go wrong with this. So wherever you are in your house you’ll always be able to tell the time. 😉

I hope these ideas gave you guys some inspiration and insight into decorating your walls. Have fun with this. 🙂


9 Ways to Spice up your Dorm Room

9 Ways to Spice up your Dorm Room

Seeing as summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner, University and College students will be packing up their belongings and stepping out into the real world. It can be a very scary and frightening procedure to endure, but decorating your dorm room will ease those nerves, and in my opinion it’s the most exciting part about venturing off to school.

Living on your own terms for the first time in your life and having your own new space to decorate however you please is a pretty rewarding feeling. Numerous amounts of colour schemes and patterns, new furniture and enjoyable ways to stay organized. Your new dorm room is going to be the talk of the campus, whether you’re in a single or double room.

So to help you guys personalize that dorm room, here are 9 ways to get you started. 

Decorate those walls. 

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Whether it’s with photos, posters, canvases, quotes or a bit of everything, there are a ton of ways to spice up those boring walls and make them pop. Photos are probably the easiest and cheapest way, and there are so many different ways to hang them. Either be random with the order, clip them on close-pegs, or form the photos in a pretty creative heart (which is what I did in my dorm room).

Brighten up that dull room with lights. 

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Lighten up that dark dull room with a bit of sparkle, just go to Target and buy some fairy lights, or even normal christmas ones. Place them over your bed, the walls, your desk, or even the doors, whatever way you choose the brightness will definitely light up your life.

Make the bed pop with colour. 

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The bed is the main aspect of the room, so making it eye-catching with layers of colours and patterns will definitely increase the positive vibe of your room. Whether it’s plain and simple, or vibrant and colourful. Go to IKEA and pick out a bedding that you love, and add as many pillows as you want, the more the merrier I say. When you’re done it’s going to feel just like home.

Fill the floor with rugs. 

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Having something soft and comfy to step on when getting out of bed is the best, especially on those cold winter mornings. Go for a patterned colourful rug to spice up that room, or even something simple to add your own personal style.

Personalize your desk. 

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Spice up that plain boring desk with your own features, add a light, maybe some boxes for your papers, a pen and pencil holder, photo frames and whatever else you can think of. If you are a bed studying person like myself, then transform your desk into a vanity, just add a mirror, you’re makeup and hair products then it’s completed.

Creative jewellery holders. 

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If you’re someone like me who owns endless amounts of jewellery, then you’re going to want to put in a place where it won’t get lost. Either be creative and make your own, or buy something convenient from the store. Or if you wish bring your jewellery box with you, I know I brought two of mine, seeing as though I have about a million of them.

Find somewhere to put your laundry. 

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Either behind the door like in the pics, under your bed or desk, or in the corner of the room, finding a hidden place to stick that laundry basket is one thing I made sure to do while living in res. You’ll have many people coming in and out of your room, so not having your stinky laundry on show is probably a good idea. Be creative about it though and find a laundry basket that’s colourful and pretty.

Organize your closet. 

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In most dorm rooms the closet doesn’t have a door so keeping it neat and tidy is important. Pick out colourful  hangers, compartments and boxes to organize your clothes and miscellaneous things, and a shoe rack to place your shoes on. Be creative and decorate it as you wish.

Place your styling tools somewhere convenient and fun. 

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When I was in University my hair straightener and makeup was all over my desk, I didn’t even think about finding something convenient to put it in. Be creative and don’t make my mistake, put it in a place where it’s easy access with your mirror and won’t get in the way.

Hope these ideas helped you guys in decorating your dorm room, remember to have fun and be creative. Good luck with moving to school.

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